You know what public and private organizations may be interested in your goods, works or services.

You make sure that your potential clients know about what your company offers.

You know your potential clients’ activities and procurement needs.

You are familiar with your potential clients’ procurement rules and procedures.

You are registered in your potential clients’ supplier database, if this exists.

You are familiar with the bidding documents your potential clients use.

You monitor bid advertisements for your sector.

You have the standard materials/documentation prepared beforehand.

You have partners with whom you can submit a bid.

You look for partnerships when you cannot provide the goods, works, services required alone.

You have trained your staff in preparing the bidding documents.

You know who in your company can help you prepare the offer in reply to a solicitation to bid.

You check that you comply with the eligibility and qualification criteria before answering a bid.

You assess if you have enough time and resources to prepare the offer before you decide to participate.

You keep track of successful bids and failures.

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